Saturday, December 4, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

After the World Cup

And the World Cup is over! Many things happened in this year's world cup... bad referring, apparently a bad ball, great performances like Iniesta, Xavi, Javi, Villa, Diego Forlan, Tevez and Muller... big surprises like the early elimination of Italy and France, the sudden elimination of Argentina and Brasil...
Spain took the gold in an extremely physical game, with a referee that was afraid of red cards...

Now, I find myself without soccer games... with my argentinian and US jerseys in the drawer wondering what to do... I almost feel like I'm going through an identity crisis... where the absence of soccer has left a vacuum in my life and I find myself wondering 'what now?'

I will have tango classes starting tomorrow! which I'm really looking forward to!
Well, until Brasil 2014! Vamos Argentina!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Puppy Photos

These pictures were taken with Canon Powershots 8MP and 12MP.

This is a white siberian husky. His name is BearWolf and as you can see is a very happy dog =)

Taking pictures of animals in general takes quite an amount of time, but is a fun endeavor!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Telefe Noticias cree en Messi 2010

What can i say, I was watching this on TV and I finally found it on the web. It is a masterpiece! Arriba Diego! Arriba Messi! a ganar la copa!!!

Telefe Noticias cree en Messi - Videos - Telefe Mundial 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Halo Title Sequence

Well, This is it. The last project for my class Film & TV Design class. I created a title sequence for Halo Reach... I wish this would actually happen!

Anyways, I am a Halo fan... I love the games, i own toys, posters, and Halo is the only reason why I own an XBOX, XBOX 360, etc.

In my limited knowledge of the subject matter (Title Sequence Design) I wanted to do justice to the game I love... I'm not good at doing animation yet, so I opened photoshop and edited a lot of Halo photos I had and made them look like they were aged takes from an old battle, which is the feeling I get about Halo Reach... coming from Halo that is... Halo Reach is kind of in the past and what triggered everything in Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3... so that explains the look!

After 4 or more hours of editing photographs it was time to use them! and I picked iMovie as that's what I'm more comfortable with. Premiere is okay, but I find myself rebooting my machine too many times with that piece of software... and After Effects... let's just say I did 2 tutorials which took me 2 days and I got nowhere... LOL

But no worries! Here it is! Halo Reach! coming to a theater soon! I'm also making a Teaser poster which is the 2nd link!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

And an opening sequence

We were supposed to sketch an idea for an opening sequence to anything we wanted... movie, tv show, documentary, etc. I figured I'd do one for an internet soccer show...
This is an idea I had... didn't come out quite as exciting as i envisioned it, but that's because I don't know After Effects yet... I simply did this with Adobe Premiere. Also, I couldn't get my hands on enough soccer footage... most of the footage I could find was in Flash format which I couldn't use in Premiere/iMovie and since I could only spend a few hours on this assignment I just settled for what I had available...
Anyways... this is what I have...

Any comments/suggestions/constructive critics are uber welcome!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making a little 1 minute film scene

At school I had an assignment to design screens that could potentially be used in a film or tv show.  I designed the screens and then figured I should go ahead an make a little video where I could use them...

I didn't need to use much props other than an FBI hat which I owned, an iPhone, an HTC phone and my little Master Chief statue... For actors I used my friends from work Mike, Demian and Jasmine. For sound... since I'm not a musician (yet) I borrowed a tune from the last Miami Vice song... and the film is totally drive by the music (I have to say)

You can view the first cut of my video at:

...and tonight I'll be polishing it more as it's due on Wednesday night!

I'd appreciate any feedback!

Well, here is my final cut!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gustavo Cerati and Soda Stereo

A few days ago Gustavo Cerati, practically the father of Rock en Espanol suffered from a cardiovascular problem and had brain surgery... the news are sounding very bad... After the surgery the doctors put him into a comma for 72 Hrs in the hopes that he will recover... All the latin american youth is praying and hoping he recovers quickly and fully...
Gustavo Cerati started the most famous rock band of the 80s and 90s: Soda Stereo and since then his legend began.
In my life, Soda Stereo's music is part of me. When I was little I heard it and loved it, when I was a teen I loved it, and not too long ago I saw them in the L.A. concert which was in the Home Depot stadium in a sold out event... then only Stadium concert I've ever been to... and it was the most surreal moments I've had surrounded by thousands of fans singing the songs and dancing and laughing and crying. Total madness...
Last weekend, the news flew all over the web and TV and the latin american youth is in shock... we are living on pause awaiting the Doctor's evaluation of Gustavo... the 72 Hrs os wait time that the Dr. announced are up today... and my prayers and thoughts are for Gustavo to recover and continue creating those amazing songs that are a part of all of us... I have lived, loved, enjoyed, cried, dreamed and slept with Soda Stereo songs and with his new songs as a solo artist... Gustavo is amazing... I hope he fully recovers from this difficult moment... Fuerza Gustavo que toda Latino-America esta con vos!

La Ciudad de La Furia (City of Fury)

Tratame Suavemente (Treat me Softly)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random Love Poem by Me

Drunk in ecstasy
we lost our way
the sound of the crashing waves
echoed while the moonlight
shined in your eyes

We headed home
but it was late and we wandered
into a place deep and silky
wet but warm

the curves in the dark
fast and slow maneuvers
all through the night

The waves kept crashing
against the shore
and the sound of the wind...
or was that your voice...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Microsoft Codename: Dallas

On my casual web surfing nights, I came across a new Microsoft Project that apparently was presented at the Vegas MIX event... yeah, I couldn't attend this year... again :(
Anyways, what's cool about Dallas is that Microsoft is trying to enhance their SQL reporting engine into generating dynamic graphical maps and pivot tables that are a lot nicer to what they were offering us with Reporting Services.  There is a demo page located at: what they call the data grail
Microsoft® Codename "Dallas" is basically a new service allowing developers and information workers to easily discover, purchase, and manage premium data subscriptions in the Windows Azure platform. Dallas is an information marketplace that brings data, imagery, and real-time web services from leading commercial data providers and authoritative public data sources together into a single location, under a unified provisioning and billing framework. Additionally, Dallas APIs allow developers and information workers to consume this premium content with virtually any platform, application or business workflow.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Magic the Gathering

I have been playing Magic the gathering since 5th Edition came out... shortly after Ice Age... about 20 years later, I'm still kind of hooked to that game. I wonder why is it that I can't get over this card game. 
Let's see, I like the strategies you can develop and I enjoy the idea of being a super powerful wizard in some remote galaxy fighting against other wizards... 

I guess I've always wanted to try the professional league, but never made the time for it... 

SOme of the more interesting designs are: Whispers of the Muse from the Tempest Edition. This card allows you to Draw an Extra Card and has a Buy Back option.

My 2nd Favorite card Art is The Elder Dragon Legend, a multi color card :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Break up Poem

I'm still working on this, but basically is a break up poem i wrote for nobody really...
I just want to add music to this, but still needs some work :)
I welcome comments!!!

The night is here
and I feel cold

I get up and there's your photograph
in the same place and everyday
that same look
like a ray of light
When will the wind bring back your fragrance?

Time passes by
and the smile is just not the same
the happy moments pass by like a shooting star
and I find myself painting memories
that are just not there
no-one has a pact with time
nor with the secrets of the heart
and when you disappear
I'd find you in that corner of my room

In the past, present and future
I can't seem to deal with the distance
between us
but I find peace in my room
away from you

Days pass by
I think of you
every thing in its place
it is painful to be away
but I'm in peace.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random thoughts

I had about 3 hours of sleep last night, and tonight I'm awake... Can't really get to sleep. I was listening to diverse songs, until THE song came up. Across the Ocean by Azure Ray... which simply transports me to a different state of mind. I can't describe... and no, I'm not on drugs =)
First time I heard this song was in the korean drama "The Coffee Prince", one of my favorite shows ever! Have you guys seen this show? I highly recommend it.
Well, this was supposed to be an entry about Art... oh well, instead I'm sharing my state of mind. I apologize for that! haha.

I'll post something fun soon!

Anyways, here are some links about that korean show...

and yeah, the official site is in korean:

in english:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

When the earth trembles

We have been experiencing an unusual amount of Earthquakes...

(Data from the US Geological Survey site)
This is 5 significant earthquakes in what... less than 7 weeks. Being a California Resident... I'm kind of concern because we are due for a major earthquake... if an 8.8 earthquake hits L.A. I just can't imagine what we could do.

That said, I wanted to share the earthquake predictions based on plate activity, etc. for California. 
* On March 1st there is a High Probability for an earthquake in East Central California near Bishop.
* On March 2nd there is again a High Probability from Mammoth to Los Angeles/Long Beach/Lompoc.
These predictions are for this Monday and Tuesday, so not to cause panic or anything but is better to be prepared and be aware of what may happen. Have your earthquake packs ready, water stored up, and have an emergency bag all ready to go... you never know...

Well, I hope nothing bad happens to us, and may God Bless America and all the other countries too.

Until next time, eat fruit, be safe and be prepared.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

1st Street Food Festival in L.A.

Yes, On a sunny Saturday afternoon (the 13th of February) the 1st Street Food Fest took place in L.A. downtown and I was there with Jenn and Leo. It was such a fun event! Sure there were long lines under the burning sun, but people kept their spirits up, I made many friends while waiting on line...
I made a little video to share our journey, I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Found a cool song for this approaching valentine's day

In my weekend roams thru YouTube I came along this young new California artist that had a really great video for her single Valentine. You can find her video on youtube or on her website by clicking on the image above. I encourage you to check out the video... I know... I know... I'll embed the video here too, but trust me... it is a nice soft, relaxing tune that seems to be so authentic and filled with feeling.
Well you guys take care and until my next post.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sta Monica

I was walking around Sta Monica while waiting for my car's maintenance... and I found a cool bar (which was closed as it was morning) but its entrance was great so I took a Photograph and I managed to get me in the picture too ;) jaja

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Library (a poem)

Silence. The reading is intense
still books
trapped in brown cells
A Bubble of concrete
encapsulates the moment
some fall asleep
others just read
in silence...
'Library is closing in fifteen minutes'
the old lady yells
with a non-enthusiastic tone.
Lights go away. Slowly. Noise rises.
The books scream
I remain sit, starring at my watch.
Outside the wind assails
the standing trees and me.
In the darkness I struggle along the path
One hand holds my keys, the other my bag
Copyright © 2009

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michael Jackson

Like many other people I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and rehearsing dances for school in the evenings when I was little =)
Anyways, I was watching the super bowl, found a photo in the web that I thought was okay, and I simply did a couple of things to make it a bit better... nothing great, but I thought I upload it anyways...
Here is before and after.

When did Peru get all fucked up? - Responsabilidad Social Todos

A video in spanish created by a firm trying to change the mentality of peruvians... I think it is a positive thing, and I can see how most of latin america suffers from similar problems...

I think is very interesting, and I support this positive movement. So...  I now insert an X-Ray of the peruvian society...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

my first Biz Card Design

Yes, i went to a Peruvian courier office to send some stuff to Peru... and then I don't know how I ended up designing business cards (front and back) for a mexican man that had a catering service... The design they had done for him was ... I can't describe how bad it was... simply horrible with bright oranges and yellows and big fonts with weird strokes and effects that made it practically impossible to read the information... I couldn't stand it... and I designed their cards apparently for free...  but hey, they were very happy and offered my mom a free skin treatment session! good deal for my mom, right? :)

Anyways, here is my design... 2 Hrs... front and back and for the back i probably spent 10 mins... as I was tired... lol

Friday, February 5, 2010

Street Like look

I gave this a different treatment... I was seeking a rough break dance / bad guys look... and I think I'm pretty close to it...
I was fixing my dentist's personal laptop and scans were taking forever, so I dived into photoshop while listening to some MJ tunes...

Designing for weddings

I haven't done any wedding art, so this is my warm up... Mike wants something different than this, but I did this just to get in the swing of things... The original was a bit blurry and not straight enough...
If you look closely i turned this into a painting and added some warm filters and removed the lens blur... etc., etc.