Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Break up Poem

I'm still working on this, but basically is a break up poem i wrote for nobody really...
I just want to add music to this, but still needs some work :)
I welcome comments!!!

The night is here
and I feel cold

I get up and there's your photograph
in the same place and everyday
that same look
like a ray of light
When will the wind bring back your fragrance?

Time passes by
and the smile is just not the same
the happy moments pass by like a shooting star
and I find myself painting memories
that are just not there
no-one has a pact with time
nor with the secrets of the heart
and when you disappear
I'd find you in that corner of my room

In the past, present and future
I can't seem to deal with the distance
between us
but I find peace in my room
away from you

Days pass by
I think of you
every thing in its place
it is painful to be away
but I'm in peace.

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