Friday, June 25, 2010

Telefe Noticias cree en Messi 2010

What can i say, I was watching this on TV and I finally found it on the web. It is a masterpiece! Arriba Diego! Arriba Messi! a ganar la copa!!!

Telefe Noticias cree en Messi - Videos - Telefe Mundial 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Halo Title Sequence

Well, This is it. The last project for my class Film & TV Design class. I created a title sequence for Halo Reach... I wish this would actually happen!

Anyways, I am a Halo fan... I love the games, i own toys, posters, and Halo is the only reason why I own an XBOX, XBOX 360, etc.

In my limited knowledge of the subject matter (Title Sequence Design) I wanted to do justice to the game I love... I'm not good at doing animation yet, so I opened photoshop and edited a lot of Halo photos I had and made them look like they were aged takes from an old battle, which is the feeling I get about Halo Reach... coming from Halo that is... Halo Reach is kind of in the past and what triggered everything in Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3... so that explains the look!

After 4 or more hours of editing photographs it was time to use them! and I picked iMovie as that's what I'm more comfortable with. Premiere is okay, but I find myself rebooting my machine too many times with that piece of software... and After Effects... let's just say I did 2 tutorials which took me 2 days and I got nowhere... LOL

But no worries! Here it is! Halo Reach! coming to a theater soon! I'm also making a Teaser poster which is the 2nd link!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

And an opening sequence

We were supposed to sketch an idea for an opening sequence to anything we wanted... movie, tv show, documentary, etc. I figured I'd do one for an internet soccer show...
This is an idea I had... didn't come out quite as exciting as i envisioned it, but that's because I don't know After Effects yet... I simply did this with Adobe Premiere. Also, I couldn't get my hands on enough soccer footage... most of the footage I could find was in Flash format which I couldn't use in Premiere/iMovie and since I could only spend a few hours on this assignment I just settled for what I had available...
Anyways... this is what I have...

Any comments/suggestions/constructive critics are uber welcome!