Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making a little 1 minute film scene

At school I had an assignment to design screens that could potentially be used in a film or tv show.  I designed the screens and then figured I should go ahead an make a little video where I could use them...

I didn't need to use much props other than an FBI hat which I owned, an iPhone, an HTC phone and my little Master Chief statue... For actors I used my friends from work Mike, Demian and Jasmine. For sound... since I'm not a musician (yet) I borrowed a tune from the last Miami Vice song... and the film is totally drive by the music (I have to say)

You can view the first cut of my video at:

...and tonight I'll be polishing it more as it's due on Wednesday night!

I'd appreciate any feedback!

Well, here is my final cut!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gustavo Cerati and Soda Stereo

A few days ago Gustavo Cerati, practically the father of Rock en Espanol suffered from a cardiovascular problem and had brain surgery... the news are sounding very bad... After the surgery the doctors put him into a comma for 72 Hrs in the hopes that he will recover... All the latin american youth is praying and hoping he recovers quickly and fully...
Gustavo Cerati started the most famous rock band of the 80s and 90s: Soda Stereo and since then his legend began.
In my life, Soda Stereo's music is part of me. When I was little I heard it and loved it, when I was a teen I loved it, and not too long ago I saw them in the L.A. concert which was in the Home Depot stadium in a sold out event... then only Stadium concert I've ever been to... and it was the most surreal moments I've had surrounded by thousands of fans singing the songs and dancing and laughing and crying. Total madness...
Last weekend, the news flew all over the web and TV and the latin american youth is in shock... we are living on pause awaiting the Doctor's evaluation of Gustavo... the 72 Hrs os wait time that the Dr. announced are up today... and my prayers and thoughts are for Gustavo to recover and continue creating those amazing songs that are a part of all of us... I have lived, loved, enjoyed, cried, dreamed and slept with Soda Stereo songs and with his new songs as a solo artist... Gustavo is amazing... I hope he fully recovers from this difficult moment... Fuerza Gustavo que toda Latino-America esta con vos!

La Ciudad de La Furia (City of Fury)

Tratame Suavemente (Treat me Softly)