Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making a little 1 minute film scene

At school I had an assignment to design screens that could potentially be used in a film or tv show.  I designed the screens and then figured I should go ahead an make a little video where I could use them...

I didn't need to use much props other than an FBI hat which I owned, an iPhone, an HTC phone and my little Master Chief statue... For actors I used my friends from work Mike, Demian and Jasmine. For sound... since I'm not a musician (yet) I borrowed a tune from the last Miami Vice song... and the film is totally drive by the music (I have to say)

You can view the first cut of my video at:

...and tonight I'll be polishing it more as it's due on Wednesday night!

I'd appreciate any feedback!

Well, here is my final cut!

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