Saturday, February 27, 2010

When the earth trembles

We have been experiencing an unusual amount of Earthquakes...

(Data from the US Geological Survey site)
This is 5 significant earthquakes in what... less than 7 weeks. Being a California Resident... I'm kind of concern because we are due for a major earthquake... if an 8.8 earthquake hits L.A. I just can't imagine what we could do.

That said, I wanted to share the earthquake predictions based on plate activity, etc. for California. 
* On March 1st there is a High Probability for an earthquake in East Central California near Bishop.
* On March 2nd there is again a High Probability from Mammoth to Los Angeles/Long Beach/Lompoc.
These predictions are for this Monday and Tuesday, so not to cause panic or anything but is better to be prepared and be aware of what may happen. Have your earthquake packs ready, water stored up, and have an emergency bag all ready to go... you never know...

Well, I hope nothing bad happens to us, and may God Bless America and all the other countries too.

Until next time, eat fruit, be safe and be prepared.

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