Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Halo Title Sequence

Well, This is it. The last project for my class Film & TV Design class. I created a title sequence for Halo Reach... I wish this would actually happen!

Anyways, I am a Halo fan... I love the games, i own toys, posters, and Halo is the only reason why I own an XBOX, XBOX 360, etc.

In my limited knowledge of the subject matter (Title Sequence Design) I wanted to do justice to the game I love... I'm not good at doing animation yet, so I opened photoshop and edited a lot of Halo photos I had and made them look like they were aged takes from an old battle, which is the feeling I get about Halo Reach... coming from Halo that is... Halo Reach is kind of in the past and what triggered everything in Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3... so that explains the look!

After 4 or more hours of editing photographs it was time to use them! and I picked iMovie as that's what I'm more comfortable with. Premiere is okay, but I find myself rebooting my machine too many times with that piece of software... and After Effects... let's just say I did 2 tutorials which took me 2 days and I got nowhere... LOL

But no worries! Here it is! Halo Reach! coming to a theater soon! I'm also making a Teaser poster which is the 2nd link!



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