Saturday, November 5, 2011

Comikaze @ LA Convention Center

Drove to Downtown this morning to attend the Comikaze convention. It was pretty packed and people with costumes did show up! so I have some pics! I didn't bring my Nikon camera... just my little point and shoot Lumix, but I got some ok captures ;-)
I was kind of disappointed that Stan Lee wasn't there today... If you wanted his autograph, you had to pay $50 for a reprint of the first spiderman or the 1st Avengers comic and pay $14 for shipping so that they can mail you back the comic...
Something interesting was this iPad app used at almost all the kiosks... Square! which allows vendors to take a credit card payment from anyone and they get charged 2.5% per transaction...
Joker and Harley Quinn

<--- I thought this couple's costume was pretty awesome! and they were willing to pose for everyone so that people could get a good shot of them.

a group of girls dressed up as anime :-)
I spent about 4 hours at the Convention Center.  The worst feature at this convention was the food.  It looked pale and not very attracting... they had hamburgers and tacos, but I skipped them and left the Convention Center seeking good eats ;-)
I was actually surprised to see the Wonder Twins!

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