Tuesday, May 22, 2012

UX, Why should we care?

The primary function of UX is the development of an architecture that creates a delightful, emotional, and sensory experience. This is why it’s vital to customer experiences and engagement. UX is, among many things, designed to be experiential, affective, useful, productive, and entertaining. And, most importantly, it’s devised with an end in mind where the means to that end is efficient and optimized for each channel.
Those of us that were involved in the Web design industry prior to the codification of user-centered design, usability and Web accessibility would know that we used to make websites in a different way. Before our clients understood the value of user-centered design, we made design decisions based on just two things: what we (the development team) thought was awesome and what the client wanted to see.
We built interaction based on what we thought worked — we designed for ourselves. The focus was on aesthetics and the brand, with very little thought, if any of how the people who would use the website would feel about it.
The emergence of the Mobile experience has triggered a transformation of the Web. Websites have become so complex and feature-rich that, to be effective, they must have great user experience designs.
We’ve also become aware of the importance of accessibility — i.e. universal access to our Web-based products — not only for those who with special requirements, such as for screen readers and non-traditional input devices, but for those who don’t have broadband connections or who have older mobile devices and so forth. services such as Modernizr address this need in a very effective way.
The driving factor of how we build websites today has become the experience we want to give the people who will use our websites. This change of mind is echoing notably among new start up companies, specially here in Los Angeles, where the eco-system for the growth of new start up companies is growing rapidly attracting investors and incubators to the southern lands of California. 

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